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Our story


The Tight Collective is a slow fashion clothing brand founded in Stockholm 2020 by Michaela Grut.

Our vision

The idea of ​​creating a niched brand with timeless, stylish, affordable and sustainable wardrobe essentials for women, was born years ago. Every piece of clothing we create will be a part of a permanent collection.

With our clothes you create a stylish, easy to match, and durable wardrobe! We want women to feel comfortable and stylish everyday, and our brand signature is the timeless, yet feminine design as well as making every piece is flattering and comfortable. Our clothes will give you a silver lining at work, when going out for dinner or relaxing at home.


The Tight Collective's objective is to offer wardrobe essentials that makes it easy to create a stylish, comfortable and mixable wardrobe, with fewer pieces of clothing.

Clothes are a basic need and we encourage women to aim for a sustainable wardrobe and not over consume clothes. We believe in selected key pieces made in sustainable, high quality fabrics and in a timeless design.

We believe in slow fashion, and that is why we present a permanent collection. That means we do not have seasonal collections based on current trends. It is our strong belief that our clothing and mindset will, in the long run, contribute to a better environment.

Our clothes are made in Viscose, which is known as a natural, more environmental friendly fabric. The fabric industry is constantly evolving to find more environmental friendly ways of manufacturing textiles. We have this top on mind, to make sure we are doing all we can to create a sustainable product in a 360 degree perspective. All our clothes are ethically made in Europe in a OEKO-TEX® certified factory. That means that the textiles and production has been tested for harmful substances and that the product therefore is harmless for human health.