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Our story and vision - wardrobe essentials for women

The Tight Collective is a slow fashion clothing brand founded in Stockholm 2020 by Michaela Grut.

The idea of ​​creating a nished brand with stylish, affordable and sustainable wardrobe essentials for women, was born from the simple reason that Michaela missed a brand that have everything you need within high quality, designed and comfortable basic clothes for women, in one and the same place. This would make it so much easier for women to shop wardrobe staples and create a really great base to their wardrobe.

What she also missed was that brand that only made clothes that are comfortable and made in breathable, soft natural fabrics and have a timeless, yet feminine design. Michaela wanted to look stylish, but it was equally as important to feel comfortable and relaxed. She thought that she probably is far from alone about these wishes, and that is why she started The Tight Collective.

Also sustainability was important to Michaela and therefor the clothes are made in Europe and will be a part of a permanent collection. In other words, the collection don't follow trends.

If you want to read more about our view and work with sustainability you can read all about it here.

Our value words

Our value words are harmony, happiness, freedom and balance. This is how we want you to feel wearing our clothes.