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Our clothes and sustainability

The Tight Collective's goal is to offer wardrobe essentials that makes it easy to create a stylish, comfortable and mixable wardrobe, with fewer pieces of clothing.

We all need clothes, and fashion is also a way to express our personalities, both privately and in professional life. However we don't need overfull closets and over consuming to accomplish that. We believe in selected key pieces made in  sustainable high quality fabrics and timeless design, that are easy to match and can be used everyday. We believe in slow fashion, and that is why we also choose to have a permanent collection - which means we don't have seasonal collections built on current trends. It is our strong belief that our way of seeing it this is better for your closet space, your wallet and for our environment.

Our clothes are made in natural Viscose, which are known as a more sustainable,  environmentally fabric. The fabric industry is constantly evolving to find more environmentally friendly ways of manufacturing textiles. We are closely following this to make sure we are doing all we can to create a sustainable product in a 360 degree perspective. All our clothes are ethically made in a ECO-certified factory in Lithuania, Europe.

Photo from our sewing factory in Lithuania